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The OpenChain Project with Shane Coughlan [Podcast Interview]
by Mark Miller on January 12, 2018

Tags: OpenChain, Open Source, podcast, OWASP

The OpenChain Project identifies key recommended processes for effective open source management. The project builds trust in open source by making open source license compliance simpler and more consistent. In this broadcast, I speak with Shane Coughlan, project director, about the purpose of the project and what his team hopes to accomplish in 2018.

About Shane Coughlan

Shane Coughlan is an expert in communication, security and business development. His professional accomplishments include spearheading the licensing team that elevated Open Invention Network into the largest patent non-aggression community in history, establishing the leading professional network of Open Source legal experts and aligning stakeholders to launch both the first law journal and the first law book dedicated to Open Source. He currently leads the OpenChain community as Project Director.

Shane has extensive knowledge of Open Source governance, internal process development, supply chain management and community building. His experience includes engagement with the enterprise, embedded, mobile and automotive industries.

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