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Tish Long and Steve Hills: Two More Reasons Why Sonatype's Future is Bright
by Matt Howard on August 15, 2017

Tags: board of directors,, sonatype momentum

Employees at Sonatype come to work everyday with a tremendous market opportunity staring them right between the eyes. That opportunity is the digital transformation of every business in every industry -- and it exists because we live in a world where software innovation is king, speed is critical, and open source is center stage. 

Companies today aren’t just writing software — they’re manufacturing it as fast as they can using an infinite supply of open source component parts, machine automation, and supply chain-like processes to continuously deliver application value.

At Sonatype, we're fortunate to serve this emerging market with superior products that help software development teams automatically harness all of the good that open source has to offer -- but none of the bad.  But, we're also fortunate for two more reasons; one is Tish Long and the other is Steve Hills, both of whom recently joined our board as independent directors.

As our CEO, Wayne Jackson said, “we're aggressively growing Sonatype's product portfolio and scaling our business across multiple industries and markets around the world. Tish and Steve’s experience and perspective will be critical to helping us capitalize on the market opportunity in front of us and achieve our aggressive goals for growth.”

Indeed, there are many different ways to measure a young company's progress.  One of them is by the caliber of talent that is attracted to serve independently on it's board of directors.  By this measure (and many others as well) it's clear that Sonatype's future is remarkably bright.

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