Wicked Good Development Episode 6: The Logic of Code Quality

By Kadi Grigg on April 22, 2022 code quality

23 minute read time

Wicked Good Development is defining code quality, how to measure it, and the best time to involve quality checks in the development process.

What is Code Quality? 5 Software Development Checks You Should be Automating

By Stephen Magill on April 05, 2022 How-To

4 minute read time

One of the most tangible ways to improve software is writing and maintaining good source code, but how do you make that part of your process?

Five Ways to Improve Your Code Quality

By Keiana King on December 08, 2021 code quality

5 minute read time

Inspired by the newest course from Sonatype Learn, Five Ways to Improve Your Code Quality, tips to reduce risk and across the five pillars of code quality.

3-2-1, Lift off! It’s Time to Elevate Your Development with Sonatype Lift

By Kevin Miller on June 15, 2021 code quality

6 minute read time

Sonatype Lift is a new, cloud-native platform that enables developers to find and fix performance, reliability, and security bugs during code review.

The Dot Zero Conundrum and the New Frontier of Securing Open Source

By Brian Fox on September 24, 2019 code quality

3 minute read time

Sonatype is combining a new type of behavioral analysis with machine learning and proprietary data, creating early warning capabilities to detect malicious releases of open source components.