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Achieving CI/CD with Kubernetes

By Ramit Surana on February 17, 2017 Continuous Delivery
In this article we are going to discuss and explore two amazing and rather interesting pieces technology.One i.e. Jenkins,a popular Continuous Integration/Deployment tool and Second i.e. Kubernetes,a

DevOps for Small Organizations: Lessons from Ed

By Derek Weeks on January 13, 2017 Continuous Delivery
Ed Ruiz's journey to modernize their membership structure at ASPPH through DevOps. Ed discusses a CAMS approach: Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing.

DevOps Confessions from Fannie Mae, Liberty Mutual, and Capital One

By Derek Weeks on December 05, 2016 Docker
For FREE access to all 57 of the recorded conference sessions, go to:

All Day DevOps: Practitioner-to-Practitioner

By Derek Weeks on October 30, 2016 Continuous Delivery
All Day DevOps will deliver 57 practitioner-led sessions over 15 hours and 15 time zones. No vendor pitches are allowed.

All Day DevOps Conference: Bringing DevOps to the World

By Derek Weeks on September 08, 2016 Continuous Delivery
November 15, 2016 will see the first truly global, online DevOps Conference: All Day DevOps. 15 hours, 15 time zones, 54 sessions, 3 keynotes.

Continuous Delivery: The Atlassian Way

By Derek Weeks on March 11, 2016 JIRA

At the recent DEVNEXUS conference in Atlanta, Sonatype’s Mark Miller caught up with Ian Buchanan for our 2016 DevOps Leadership Series. Ian discussed his experiences at Atlassian, including


Faster, Smarter DevOps

By Derek Weeks on March 04, 2016 Software Supply Chain

Call it DevOps or not, if you are concerned about releasing more code faster and at a higher quality, the resulting software delivery chain and process will look and smell like DevOps. But for


Continuous Delivery: How to Transform Application Release

By Derek Weeks on February 08, 2016 Nexus

This past November at CA World 2015, we participated in a panel discussion on transforming application development and release with Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices. The well-attended panel


Getting Rugged DevOps Right

By Derek Weeks on December 03, 2015 Nexus Lifecycle
Getting Rugged DevOps Right