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Accelerating Productivity, Digital Value Streams, and DevSecOps During COVID-19

By Katie McCaskey on May 29, 2020 devsecops
In the pilot episode of DevOps and Drinks from IDC, Reuben Athaide from Standard Charter Bank shares his views on how COVID-19 is changing DevSecOps.

DevSecOps Leaders: The Conversation Continues Online, May 7th

By Matt Howard on May 04, 2020 devsecops
Learn from DevSecOps experts May 7th to align software, security, and operations resources so organizations innovate faster with less risk.

Leadership Lessons: Adapting to an All Remote Workforce

By Katie McCaskey on May 01, 2020 leadership
COVID-19 demands more people work remotely. This All Day DevOps Spring Break keynote presentation explores the ways leaders must adapt.

Free DevOps: Hatched in Response to COVID-19

By Derek Weeks on April 11, 2020 all day devops
All Day DevOps | Spring Break required organizing an online DevOps conference in 30 days for 4,000 people. It launches this Friday and is free to attend.

Federal DevSecOps Leaders: It's Time to Join The Conversation

The DevSecOps Government Leadership Forum, typically hosted in Washington, D.C., will be hosted online so government leaders everywhere can participate.

Sonatype: Fighting COVID-19 Together

By Matt Howard on April 09, 2020 Community
Sonatype is providing free Nexus software to qualifying organizations working to develop innovative software solutions to help fight COVID-19.

Sonatype's Commitment to Customers and Employees During COVID-19

By David Rudolph on March 17, 2020 Sonatype Newsletter
As a Sonatype Nexus customer, your success is our relentless focus. In this moment, with the global spread of COVID-19, we add the health and well-being of you and your family.

The Benefits of Remote Work Beyond Avoiding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By Mike Hansen on March 11, 2020 remote
The advantages we've realized with Sonatype's remote organization are evident. Here, lessons for anyone new to working from home to avoid the Coronavirus.