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Return on Investment in Software Composition Analysis?

By IT Central Station on August 20, 2021 Nexus Lifecycle
Having become a more standard part of the software development process, SCA is increasingly taken for granted as worth the investment, but is it?

Effective Tools for Software Composition Analysis

By IT Central Station on July 14, 2021 Nexus Lifecycle
Better developer tools for the software supply chain mean a faster, more effective team. Sonatype customers share the tools that help them move faster and with less risk.

Why High-Quality Data is Critical for Effective Software Composition Analysis

A secure software supply chain requires higher quality data. Sonatype customers share why its software compositional analysis intelligence means greater confidence that real vulnerabilities will be

DevOps Made of Steel

By Phil Vuollet on June 29, 2021 Nexus Lifecycle
Security Analysts from U.S. Steel Corporation spoke at Sonatype's ELEVATE 2021, sharing their DevOps story and where Nexus Repository and Nexus Lifecycle fit into the journey.

What I Learned from DevSecOps Leaders in a High Tech World

By Sara Budsock on October 16, 2020 devsecops
DevSecOps leaders from FISERV, Sirius XM, NBC Universal, OneTrust, Estée Lauder, PointClickCare, and Micro Focus, share how DevSecOps adoptions is adding value to their organizations.

Accelerating Productivity, Digital Value Streams, and DevSecOps During COVID-19

By Katie McCaskey on May 29, 2020 devsecops
In the pilot episode of DevOps and Drinks from IDC, Reuben Athaide from Standard Charter Bank shares his views on how COVID-19 is changing DevSecOps.

Real Talk: What Users Really Look For in a Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Solution

By Alyssa Shames on May 12, 2020 AppSec
Real users explain what you should demand from your SCA tools, including visibility through an SBOM, continuous monitoring, and the ability to scan apps.

Nexus Innovator: Bryan Batty of Bloomberg Industry Group, Part 4

Bryan Batty of Bloomberg Industry Group explains why he selected the Sonatype Platform and how it has dramatically improved open source governance.

Nexus Innovator: Bryan Batty of Bloomberg Industry Group, Part 3

By Katie McCaskey on April 24, 2020 Bloomberg
Bryan Batty of Bloomberg Industry Group shares his thoughts on experimenting and how to measure successful initiatives. First up: identifying anti-patterns.