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Learning in the Modern Enterprise – going to DevOps Enterprise Summit London with an open mindset

By Mirco Hering on June 19, 2018 devops
DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) London is taking place next week. Join Sonatype and Mirco Hering to learn more about DevOps in the Modern Enterprise,on Monday June 25th.

10 Best Practices for Microservice Architectures

By Derek Weeks on May 27, 2018 microservices
We all know the challenges of sustaining a monolithic architecture over many years, so we seek new alternatives to sustainability, flexibility, and ease of integration. Implementing microservices

Tripwires: When we might learn and where we don’t

By Steven J. Spear on April 25, 2018 Agile
An analysis of what we have to do to learn better and faster and what often gets in our way.

ABN AMRO Embraced CI/CD to Accelerate Innovation and Improve Security

By Derek Weeks on March 15, 2018 Nexus Lifecycle
Many organizations would have shied away from the transformation, but ABN AMRO saw FinTech companies nipping at their heels. Transformation was imperative to survival.

Sonatype’s Road to Continuous Delivery: Our Product Owner’s Perspective

By Derek Weeks on February 26, 2018 Sonatype Says
Sonatype's engineering team discusses their journey to continuous delivery sharing lessons learned, best practices and opportunities for improvement.

RSAC 2018 - Preview of Opening Session for DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Day [Podcast]

By Mark Miller on February 26, 2018 devsecops
On today's show, I talk with Shannon Lietz, Caroline Wong and Paula Thrasher, on what they hope to accomplish during their talk, and why DevSecOps is becoming the hottest topic in this year's growth

DevOps: Escape the Blame Game

By Derek Weeks on February 26, 2018 devops
Separate judgement from the good and the bad binary approach to our system health, and instead focuses on behaviors and interactions, patterns and complexities of our system. With practice and effort

DevSecOps: Dreams, Teams, and Architecture

By Derek Weeks on February 18, 2018 Application Security
DevSecOps: Dreams, Teams, and Architecture. How to bring DevSecOps into your organization.

Continuous Delivery: No Excuses

By Derek Weeks on February 08, 2018 Continuous Delivery
Any organization thats results aren’t achieved when you adopt practices but don’t implement the culture. The road to continuous delivery.