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Webinar Recap: Best Practices for Managing (and Supercharging) Your Software Supply Chain

By Sonatype on October 28, 2022 Forrester

1 minute read time

Sonatype and Forrester talk the latest research related to software supply chain management and provide insights on best practices from DevSecOps leaders.

DevSecOps Elite and Their Reference Architecture

By Katie McCaskey on October 25, 2019 devsecops

3 minute read time

Derek Weeks and DJ Schleen provide insights into the practices and toolsets used by DevSecOps professionals. Watch their DevOps World presentations here.

Take This Interactive DevSecOps Reference Architecture For a Test Drive

By Katie McCaskey on August 30, 2019 reference architecture

2 minute read time

An interactive DevSecOps reference architecture illustrates manual and automated processes, plus interactions between systems, stakeholders, and security.

Success Requires Reflection on DevSecOps Failures

By DJ Schleen on August 23, 2019 DevOps Culture

4 minute read time

There are so many books on how to succeed, but none about the major challenges and headaches that will ultimately occur when beginning a DevSecOps journey.