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Wicked Good Development Episode 32: Java Queens at Devnexus 2023

By Kadi Grigg on April 28, 2023 Community

31 minute read time

Kadi Grigg and Theresa Mammarella sit down for a conversation with Erin Schnabel, Emily Jiang, Mary Gygleski, and Holly Cummins at Devnexus 2023.

The Impact of Security Testing on an Organization

By Eddie Knight on April 24, 2023 DAST

12 minute read time

Choosing the right security testing tools is hard, but this guide through IAST, DAST, SAST, and SCA will make it easier for your organization.

How to Convert Your SBOM Between SPDX and CycloneDX Formats

7 minute read time

A step-by-step guide on how to convert between SBOM formats using tooling from the official repositories of SPDX and CycloneDX.

Wicked Good Development Episode 31: Testcontainers With Oleg Šelajev

By Kadi Grigg on April 11, 2023 Community

23 minute read time

Join Kadi Grigg and Jamie Coleman as they sit down with Oleg Šelajev of AtomicJar, Inc., for an episode packed with insights on Testcontainers.

Malware Monthly - March 2023

12 minute read time

March 2023's Malware Monthly dives into a series of information stealers uploaded to the PyPI registry, the latest OpenAI data leak, and more.

Post-Conference Tech Spec: Why Building Your Ship (Application) with Raw Materials is a Bad Idea

12 minute read time

Get all the details of the presentation that Jamie Coleman, Developer Advocate on Sonatype’s Developer Relations team, gave at Voxxed Days Zurich 2023.

Wicked Good Development Episode 30: JUG, AKA the JAVA User Group

By Kadi Grigg on March 28, 2023 thought leaders

28 minute read time

Kadi Grigg sits down with Frank Greco, Sharat Chander, and Steve Poole to discuss the value, history, and future of Java User Groups (JUGs).

Manage Open Source Risk With Improved Malware Detection

5 minute read time

Malware targeting developers remains a major concern. Learn what your organization can do to keep cybersecurity risks out of your development pipeline.

[New Live Series] Dev Chat with Dan Conn: Beware of Malware

By Sonatype on March 20, 2023 News and Views

1 minute read time

Introducing our new monthly live stream series: Dev Chat with Dan Conn. Tune for snack-sized episodes covering the latest issues DevOps professionals face.