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Cultural Approaches to Transformations

Marc Cluet has dedicated the last six years to helping organizations transform their culture and ways of working. Here are some of his observations.

Making Everyone Visible in Tech

By Mark Miller on April 20, 2020 devsecops
Jaclyn Damiano discusses how businesses can access competitive advantages once they focus on diversity and inclusion. She shares research in this video.

Kill the Restructure, Says Dr. Cherry Vu and Rob England [VIDEO]

By Mark Miller on March 05, 2020 featured
Culture is an emergent property of the complex work system. It is an output not an input. Change the attitudes and behaviors, then that becomes culture.

Eliza May Austin Asks Us to Question Everything [VIDEO]

By Mark Miller on February 27, 2020 AppSec
Are silos good or bad? Is burnout real or imagined? Should people be jealous of pen testers? Questioning assumptions is key to discovery and well-being.