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How DevOps at scale and tool onboarding relate

By Fred Jonkhart on November 29, 2021 Devops

12 minute read time

Supporting developers in their DevOps transformation means more than just access to services. A look enterprise CI/CD efforts at ABN AMRO.

What is a software bill of materials (SBOM)?

By Sonatype on September 27, 2021 software bill of materials

6 minute read time

A deep dive into a Software Bill of Materials with top use cases, benefits, and ways to manage.

Return on investment in software composition analysis (SCA)?

By IT Central Station on August 20, 2021 license risk

4 minute read time

Having become a more standard part of the software development process, SCA is increasingly taken for granted as worth the investment, but is it?

What to consider when crafting your OSS policy

By Filipp Kofman on July 15, 2021 legal

4 minute read time

Building a plan for using open source software in your company means less confusion and risk. Find out what to consider for your business.

Effective tools for software composition analysis (SCA)

By IT Central Station on July 14, 2021 license risk

4 minute read time

Better developer tools for the software supply chain mean a faster, more effective team.

Why high-quality data is critical for effective software composition analysis (SCA)

4 minute read time

A secure software supply chain requires higher quality data.

Katie Arrington discusses making development move at the speed of relevance

By Ryan Schradin on September 14, 2020 government

3 minute read time

Katie Arrington, CISO for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, recently discussed DevSecOps in the federal government and how the DoD is tackling key issues.

Sonatype CEO on the future of the software supply chain

5 minute read time

Sonatype's CEO Wayne Jackson talked about Maven, the software supply chain, and speed vs. security no longer being at odds, at the 2020 Nexus User Conference.

How to Use Gitlab-CI with Sonatype Nexus Repository

By Sudipt Sharma on August 14, 2019 CI/CD

7 minute read time

Sudipt Sharma demonstrates how to establish a CI/CD pipeline using gitlab-ci and deploying artifacts to Sonatype Nexus Repository.