3 Reasons Manual Policies Just Don’t Work

2 minute read time

Over the past four years, Sonatype has surveyed open source development organizations and year after year, we find that developers have the best intentions. They strive to build good quality code,


5 Things You Need to Know About Open Source Components

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You can't get away from it. Thousands of open source components are being used in every industry, every day, to quickly build and deploy applications. For those not in the security industry, it's


Cheeseburger Risk: Not for the Faint of Heart

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If you had a heart attack, would you stop eating cheeseburgers? For most people, the answer is “No”. A recent survey of 1,000 survivors found that 60 percent of heart attack victims weren't sticking


4 Open Source Components You Need to Update Right Now

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Heartbleed has put the security community on notice: it is time to take a harder look at the security status of open source components and frameworks. After doing a little industry research on