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New Integration to Visual Studio Code - Nexus IQ and OSS Index

By Allen Hsieh on December 04, 2019 Nexus Lifecycle
Introducing the new Nexus IQ integration for VS Code. If you want to understand how we built it, why we built it, and the problems it solves, read on.

A Simply Brilliant Way to Improve the Security Pipeline

By Derek Weeks on September 06, 2018 Nexus IQ
Kaiser Permanente's Xin Xu shares how his team eliminates vulnerable libraries before they ever enter the DevOps pipeline, using Nexus.

Nexus Reference Platform: Docker Stack and Kubernetes

By Curtis Yanko on August 27, 2018 Docker
Nexus Reference Platform deployed to kubernetes using docker compose.

Docker Compose for Nexus Platform - Part 2

By Curtis Yanko on December 29, 2017 Docker
Working example to create custom docker images based on official Sonatype docker images. Perfect for test environments, PoC's or demos of IQ Server and NXRM.

Docker Compose for Nexus Platform - Part 1

By Curtis Yanko on December 12, 2017 Docker
Tutorial on how to use docker compose to run Sonatype's solutions in containers.

The Cloud Dish - Provisioning Nexus Repository Manager and Nexus IQ Server

Here at Sonatype, our Integrations team was tasked with developing reference deployments of Nexus Repository Manager and Nexus IQ Server as part of our cloud initiative. The first platforms we were

The Most Underutilized Policy Type in Lifecycle

By Curtis Yanko on September 22, 2017 Policies
Software supply chain policies in the IQ server for architects to enforce design contracts.

Nexus Lifecycle and IntelliJ IDEA

By Jeffrey Wayman on May 04, 2016 Nexus Lifecycle
When it comes to Integrated Development Environments, IDEA has become a defacto standard that's why Nexus IQ for IntelliJ IDEA is now available for all users of Nexus Lifecycle.