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Can Kubernetes Keep a Secret?

By Daniel Longest on June 10, 2020 AppSec

3 minute read time

Kubernetes Secrets store usernames and passwords as base-64 encoded strings. They are obscured from casual browsing, but this is the same as plaintext.

DevOps Assurance with OWASP SAMM

By Guillermo Salazar on June 02, 2020 OWASP

4 minute read time

SAMM v2 follows three levels of maturity. Maturity levels 1 through 3 are similar to what, in other models, are known as crawling, walking, and running.

DevOps Meets the Sporting Goods Industry

By Carlos Schults on June 01, 2020 devsecops

4 minute read time

Adidas isn't a software company, but it employs advanced techniques in software delivery to build different applications more than 10,000 times a day.

DevSecOps Delivered: Nexus IQ Google Chrome Extension

By Amir Shahmiri on May 22, 2020 devsecops

1 minute read time

See the Nexus IQ Google Chrome extension, a handy tool to research open source components in your browser.

DevOps Metrics: Measuring What Matters

By Aditya Khanduri on April 21, 2020 maturity model

4 minute read time

Achieving high levels of collaboration between teams is challenging. So, you need to address the issue in a systematic manner.

How to Use Nancy to Improve Your Go Application Security

By Jonathan Hall on April 17, 2020 AppSec

9 minute read time

Nancy, as you may know by reputation, is a detective. She uses Sonatype's OSS Index to check for vulnerabilities in your Go dependencies.

How to Use Nexus Repository and Helm for CI/CD

By Gaurav Agarwal on April 13, 2020 Nexus Repository

14 minute read time

Helm is the first and the most popular package manager for Kubernetes. Here's how to combine it with Nexus Repository to secure your CI/CD pipeline.

How to Upskill Your DevOps

By Mark Henke on April 08, 2020 automation

4 minute read time

Become T-shaped. No matter what role we're in—whether it's security, operations, or software delivery—we must understand the breadth of skills needed.

Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.20 Installation, Admin Login, and Port Change [VIDEO]

By Awkash Agrawal on March 27, 2020 Nexus Repository

2 minute read time

This five minute Nexus Repository installation video covers all the tidbits, from login via admin to changing the port.