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Wicked Good Development Episode 2: Starting security left

By Kadi Grigg on February 18, 2022 Everything Open Source

24 minute read time

In today's episode of Wicked Good Development we're tackling the ongoing discussion about shifting security left - on how developers can become empowered.

New in Repo - Repository Routing Helps Protect Against Dependency Hijacking Attacks

By Sable Yemane on June 26, 2019 Nexus Repository

3 minute read time

How to create a repository routing rule to prevent developers from pulling a private package from a public repository. Company Pied Piper as an example.

What 36,000 OSS Projects and 12,000 Commercial Dev Teams Taught Us About Secure Coding Practices

By Derek Weeks on June 25, 2019 devsecops

2 minute read time

Our 2019 State of the Software Supply Chain Report Reveals Best Practices From 36,000 OSS Dev Teams and 12,000 commercial software engineering teams.