Open Source Basic Practices for Higher Quality Code to Fundamentally Strengthen Your Project

By Aaron Linskens on November 09, 2022 Open Source

8 minute read time

A look at some basic practices for higher quality code to help fundamentally strengthen your project.

Weaponizing Open Source Through Job Recruiting

By Ilkka Turunen on October 03, 2022 News

7 minute read time

There have been troubling new reports of threat actors weaponizing open source to target employee machines at technology companies, governments, and more.

3-2-1, Lift off! It’s Time to Elevate Your Development with Sonatype Lift

By Kevin Miller on June 15, 2021 code quality

6 minute read time

Sonatype Lift is a new, cloud-native platform that enables developers to find and fix performance, reliability, and security bugs during code review.