Trust and Courage Are Essential to a Strong Team Culture

By Keith Sprochi on July 02, 2020 leadership

5 minute read time

A healthy work culture is invaluable. I think that the Sonatype culture has two main ingredients: trust and courage.

Accelerating Productivity, Digital Value Streams, and DevSecOps During COVID-19

By Katie McCaskey on May 29, 2020 devsecops

2 minute read time

In the pilot episode of DevOps and Drinks from IDC, Reuben Athaide from Standard Charter Bank shares his views on how COVID-19 is changing DevSecOps.

Leadership Lessons: Adapting to an All Remote Workforce

By Katie McCaskey on May 01, 2020 leadership

3 minute read time

COVID-19 demands more people work remotely. This All Day DevOps Spring Break keynote presentation explores the ways leaders must adapt.