How to Migrate Repositories from Artifactory to Nexus

August 23, 2010 By Tim O'Brien

Sonatype is pleased to announce version 1.5 of the Nexus Migration Plugin. This version contains an updated implementation of our Artifactory to Nexus migration tool. If you are currently running Artifactory and you want to migrate to Nexus, all you need to do is:

  1. Create a System Export from Artifactory
  2. Install Nexus with the Nexus Migration Plugin
  3. Import Your Artifactory System Export to Nexus
  4. Configure the Artifactory Bridge to seamlessly serve artifacts to existing clients

You can use the Nexus Migration Plugin with Nexus Open Source or Nexus Professional. To get started, download Nexus Open Source or Nexus Professional, then download the Nexus Migration Plugin. Read Appendix A of the Nexus Book and learn how to:

  • Edward J Ciramella

    This is really great that you’ve provided a write up, but it assumes people were diligent with their original repo manager setup.In the last year, I’ve done this conversion for my various employer’s twice. Both times, there was essentially ONE repository with everything in it. I took a different approach.I didn’t want to glob together what was in Archiva (or in one case, maven-proxy). I wanted a clear separation between internal builds (snapshots or otherwise), closed-source third party (ie: paid for), and external third party software (things that could be managed by a proxy).What I did was point at a virgin Nexus instance and just built. Each “could not find” type dependency error, I’d do some research (herd the cats together) and either add a new repository to proxy or upload from my local repository something that was closed-source to the “3rd party repo” Nexus sets up from the start.While it takes longer, I’m guaranteed to have the separation between “ours” and “theirs” in the repository.