The Top 10 2022 All Day DevOps Sessions

By Sonatype on November 23, 2022 events

2 minute read time

ADDO 2022 featured 180 speakers across six tracks, but these 10 sessions drew in the most viewers. Register to watch the top sessions and more.

U.S. Government’s Guidelines for Securing Software: Suppliers

By Sonatype on November 23, 2022 secure software supply chain

7 minute read time

Sonatype breaks down the software supply chain best practices for suppliers that were recently released by the ESF Software Supply Chain Working Panel.

Wicked Good Development Episode 21: James McLeod Shares His Journey to FINOS and Beyond

By Kadi Grigg on November 21, 2022 Community

26 minute read time

James McLeod, Director of Community for FINOS, talks about his journey and working closely with some of the world’s largest banks and cloud providers

Wicked Good Development: Key Takeaways From the State of the Software Supply Chain Report

By Kadi Grigg on November 17, 2022 Software Supply Chain

3 minute read time

Jump into to these four bonus episodes to find highlights and critical takeaway's from Sonatype's 8th Annual State of the Software Supply Chain Report.

What do Log4Shell and a Global Pandemic Have in Common?

By Theresa Mammarella on November 15, 2022 AppSec

4 minute read time

A look at development through the lens of weddings, including long-term planning, contingencies, and disasters. A video talk from this years DEVOXX.

Perception Versus Reality: a Data-Driven Look at Open Source Risk Management

By Luke Mcbride on November 11, 2022 vulnerability

2 minute read time

Get insights, background, and data and key takeaways from the 8th Annual State of the Software Supply Chain report. Hosted by Dr. Stephen Magill.

Open Source Basic Practices for Higher Quality Code to Fundamentally Strengthen Your Project

By Aaron Linskens on November 09, 2022 Open Source

8 minute read time

A look at some basic practices for higher quality code to help fundamentally strengthen your project.

The Magic Behind Over 101,000 Malicious Packages Discovered and Blocked

By Chris Good on November 08, 2022 Nexus Firewall

3 minute read time

A look at how Sonatype software is protecting development teams and software with the industry-leading tools.

Meet Ankita Lamba: Values Champion

By Savanna Hajdasz on November 04, 2022 News and Views

9 minute read time

Ankita Lamba was recently honored as a Sonatype Values Champion. Her interview is a fun dive into her involvement in the program and much more.