Wicked Good Development Episode 30: JUG, AKA the JAVA User Group

By Kadi Grigg on March 28, 2023 thought leaders

28 minute read time

Kadi Grigg sits down with Frank Greco, Sharat Chander, and Steve Poole to discuss the value, history, and future of Java User Groups (JUGs).

New Design, New Features: Maven Central Improvements for Developers

By Amanda Yeo on March 28, 2023 open source security

3 minute read time

Hosted by Sonatype, Maven Central has a refreshed interface and new features to improve the developer experience.

Cyber-readiness and Changing Federal Government SBOM Requirements

By Cate Richards on March 27, 2023 News and Views

6 minute read time

Upcoming regulatory changes are coming to go from software transparency to better address cyber-readiness at the Federal level and beyond.

Manage Open Source Risk With Improved Malware Detection

5 minute read time

Malware targeting developers remains a major concern. Learn what your organization can do to keep cybersecurity risks out of your development pipeline.

ChatGPT Data Leak and Redis Race Condition Vulnerability That Remains Unfixed

By Ax Sharma on March 27, 2023 vulnerability

4 minute read time

Last week's OpenAI payment data and chat history leak involved a Race Condition vulnerability in an open source component, Redis.

Sonatype's SBOM Generation Capabilities Outpace the Competition

By Audra Davis-Hurst on March 22, 2023 Nexus Lifecycle

9 minute read time

Better data, a dedicated security team, and the analytical capabilities of BOM Doctor are all part of what makes Sonatype's SBOM capabilities superior.

[New Live Series] Dev Chat with Dan Conn: Beware of Malware

By Sonatype on March 20, 2023 News and Views

1 minute read time

Introducing our new monthly live stream series: Dev Chat with Dan Conn. Tune for snack-sized episodes covering the latest issues DevOps professionals face.

Top 8 Malicious Attacks Recently Found On PyPI

13 minute read time

Eight malicious attacks on PyPI recently caught our Security Research Team's eye. Get the details about the actions and motivations of the attackers.

Meet Frank Tingle: Values Champion

By Savanna Hajdasz on March 14, 2023 News

12 minute read time

Meet Frank Tingle, Sales Engineering Manager, and a peer-nominated Values Champion.