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Matthew Barker

Matthew Barker

As a experienced Solutions Architect and Sales Engineer, I help companies efficiently secure their applications. My broad-based experience in open source software and rapid application development combined with my background in software security enables me to provide insightful, technical guidance to companies desiring to produce secure applications of high quality and with minimal license risk.

Recent Posts by Matthew Barker:

When it Comes to Application Security, “Doing Your Homework”​ Matters

They say software is eating the world, very true, but it has become even more clear that OSS components are eating the software world. This amazing revolution is driving unimagined gains in innovation and efficiency in our ability to deliver software. Think Uber, here is a new leader in the transportation industry without owning a single vehicle. Every major Enterprise and even most medium and small companies are software producers – and free and open software components are driving this dramatic shift in our world.