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Infoworld, Bloggers React to Our Eclipse Debut
by Tim OBrien on July 15, 2008

Tags: Sonatype Says

Josh Fruhlinger, one of the bloggers for JavaWorld, points to Paul Krill's story in InfoWorld this morning. Here's an excerpt from the InfoWorld piece "New Eclipse member looks to rival Visual Studio":

[Sonatype was] Founded by the team that built the Apache Maven Java build and release framework and repository, Sonatype joins Eclipse as a strategic developer. Sonatype will lead development of the m2eclipse project, which is an Eclipse plug-in combining Maven and Eclipse. Release 1.0 of m2eclipse is anticipated by mid-September, said Jason van Zyl, CTO and co-founder of Sontatype and developer of Maven.

"Maven combined with the Eclipse IDE is, we think, a solution that is starting to approach the usability of Visual Studio," van Zyl said.

The company has a seat on the Eclipse Board of Directors and the Eclipse Planning and Architecture council.

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