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Sonatype Blogs in Chinese: Juven Xu's Maven
by Tim OBrien on July 01, 2008

Tags: Sonatype Says

Sonatype is happy to announce that we have a new Maven-focused blog in Chinese. Juven Xu has been helping Sonatype create, customize, and translate documentation to Chinese, and he's also started a very successful blog at Javaeye. Read Juven's

Now, I certainly can't read it, but a few colleagues who can read Chinese have told me that it is extremely helpful and well-written. Here are some examples of the content Juven has written so far:

  • here - covers our recent article in Dr. Dobbs.
  • here - covers Maven profile activation.
  • here - offers some hints about running the maven-sql-plugin

Sonatype is excited about this step toward a more global community. While most of the work on open source that we're involved in tends to be in English, we'd really like to start engaging communities throughout the world, and Juven is going to be helping Sonatype communicate with a broader audience.

If you can read it, we encourage you to go check out Juven Xu's Maven blog.

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