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DevOps Assurance with OWASP SAMM

By Guillermo Salazar on June 02, 2020 OWASP
SAMM v2 follows three levels of maturity. Maturity levels 1 through 3 are similar to what, in other models, are known as crawling, walking, and running.

DevOps Metrics: Measuring What Matters

By Aditya Khanduri on April 21, 2020 maturity model
Achieving high levels of collaboration between teams is challenging. So, you need to address the issue in a systematic manner.

Leveling Up: How to Improve Your ACSC Recommended Maturity Model

By Cameron Townshend on April 06, 2020 devsecops
ACSC, the Australian Cyber Security Center, has three DevSecOps maturity models. Here's how your organization can move up levels in the Essential Eight.

DevSecOps for a Dollar or Less

By Derek Weeks on October 07, 2019 OWASP
The DevSecOps Maturity Model (DSOMM) helps you analyze your organization's development pipeline to see where you need to improve.

Take This Interactive DevSecOps Reference Architecture For a Test Drive

By Katie McCaskey on August 30, 2019 reference architecture
An interactive DevSecOps reference architecture illustrates manual and automated processes, plus interactions between systems, stakeholders, and security.

Success Requires Reflection on DevSecOps Failures

By DJ Schleen on August 23, 2019 DevOps Culture
There are so many books on how to succeed, but none about the major challenges and headaches that will ultimately occur when beginning a DevSecOps journey.

The Top DevSecOps Resources You Should Be Reading This Weekend

By Janie Gelfond on March 09, 2019 devsecops
In need of some weekend DevSecOps reading? Check out our top 3 picks.

A DevSecOps Maturity Model in 7 Words

By Derek Weeks on November 04, 2018 devsecops
Inspired by a conversation I had with Navin Vembar about a DevSecOps Maturity Model his organization developed at the U.S. Government Services Administration (GSA).