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Remember npm Library 'colors'? There's No Such Thing as 'colors-2.0'

By Ax Sharma on March 15, 2022 vulnerabilities

5 minute read time

Alongside the popular 'colors' library on npm come unwanted malicious typosquats called 'colors-2.0', 'colors-3.0, 'colorsss', and so on.

There’s a RAT in my code: new npm malware with Bladabindi trojan spotted

By Ax Sharma on December 01, 2020 vulnerabilities

8 minute read time

Sonatype discovered new malware within the npm registry, jdb.js and db-json.js This time, the typosquatting packages are laced with a popular Remote Access Trojan (RAT).

Trick or treat: that `twilio-npm` package is brandjacking malware in disguise!

By Ax Sharma on November 02, 2020 vulnerabilities

5 minute read time

Sonatype’s Release Integrity, malicious code detection service, discovers twilio-npm` is brandjacking malware in disguise.

Sonatype finds malicious npm packages which broadcast your IP, username, and device fingerprint info on the web

By Ax Sharma on September 30, 2020 vulnerabilities

7 minute read time

Initially found by Sonatype's malicious code detection bots, our researchers have discovered and confirmed the presence of two new vulnerable npm packages, electorn and loadyaml.

Nexus Intelligence Insights: Sonatype - 2020-0003 - npm Malicious Package 1337qq-js

By Elisa Velarde on January 15, 2020 vulnerabilities

4 minute read time

In this month's Nexus Intelligence Insights, we cover Sonatype-2020-0003: npm malicious package 1337qq-js. Here's why it made noise but had no impact.