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Book Version 0.20 Released: Typos and Upgrade

I have just released version 0.20 of Maven: The Definitive Guide. This release is mostly a produce of the feedback from GetSatisfaction and it consists of a large number of grammar and spelling errors being caught by readers. Here's a list of the changes in version 0.20:

  • A section in the installation chapter about upgrading from Maven 1 to Maven 2. I'm constantly getting questions from people about customizing a Maven 2 build by string goal names together on the command-line so I put some language into the installation chapter that points people at the Maven Lifecycle. The Maven Lifecycle really is the thing to learn first in Maven, if you figure out how the Maven Lifecycle works and if you become familiar with the Default lifecycle, Maven 2 will make more sense. This new section is small, but it points people toward the Maven One plugin and configuring a legacy repository. If you are upgrading from Maven 1 to Maven 2, let me know if this section is what you needed.
  • Arun Kumar submitted a list of typos and grammar errors throughout the Introduction. A number of typos were fixed in the introduction.
  • A number of typos were fixed in the Assemblies chapter.
  • A number of typos were fixed in the Profiles chapter.
  • A number of typos were fixed in the Writing Plugins chapter.
Topics: Everything Open Source Book