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Toolapalooza This Week in San Jose!

Cisco's Toolapalooza starts tomorrow morning in San Jose on the Cisco Campus, and the Sonatype team will be there, giving presentations and running project demonstrations. Sonatype's founder Jason van Zyl will speak about the Next Generation Maven Development Stack on Tuesday April 20, 2010. This talk will focus on the Maven Ecosystem and the under-pinnings of technologies that are going to shape the Next Generation Maven Development Stack.

Van Zyl's talk will also discuss some upcoming projects that a still in development, such as Sonatype's work on a project codenamed Proviso, work on newer approaches to source code management, and support for distributed version control systems such as Git. For more information stay tuned to the Sonatype blog, and get up to the minutes updates by following us on Twitter.

To view presentations from past conferences, such as Next Generation Infrastructure: Maven Enterprise Stack presented at the Sonatype Maven Meetup in Philadelphia, click here.

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