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Ready? Click. Code! with Maven Studio for Eclipse

Thank you to all of the attendees of Thursday's Maven Studio for Eclipse webinar. The webinar was a huge success, and if you missed this edition, not to worry. We have another webinar focusing on MSE's Developer Onboarding feature coming up on June 24. Sonatype webinars are free to attend, so register today!

This webinar is an introduction to Maven Studio for Eclipse's Developer Onboarding capabilities. Developers sacrifice days to the inefficient process of configuring a new development environment every time they begin a new project or set up a new workstation. Maven Studio for Eclipse's Developer Onboarding cuts the configuring time from multiple days to minutes. Developer Onboarding allows an organization to standardize and capture development environment configuration in a single location, enabling developers to start coding with a single mouse click.

To get a preview of MSE's Developer Onboarding feature, watch the video below.

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