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Our Customers Told Us To...(the Insight Story)

October 19, 2011 By Charles Gold

Insight PreziLast month we launched a new product, Sonatype Insight, to help companies make better use of open source components in application development.

A lot of our long time followers and Nexus users have asked us a simple question: Why? The short answer is because our customers and our community told us to. They said they needed better information to make better decisions about the open source components they're using. They said they needed to meet management requirements, but weren't interested in extra bureaucracy.

Want to see the full story? Check out this cool new Prezi (zooming presentation) we put together.


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Written by Charles Gold

Charles is the former CMO at Sonatype. He is now the EVP of Strategy and CMO at Atomicorp. His experience spans product marketing; product management; brand & category strategy; multi-channel digital marketing; ABM; field marketing; PR & analyst relations; martech; and full-funnel analytics.