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DevSecOps Delivered: Nexus IQ Google Chrome Extension

May 22, 2020 By Amir Shahmiri

1 minute read time

In this episode of DevSecOps Delivered, you'll learn how to use the Nexus IQ Chrome Extension to evaluate open source components in your browser.

With the Nexus IQ Chrome extension you can:

  • Identify which components have threats or vulnerabilities;
  • Review the security research behind every component version;
  • Select a remediation path that fits your organization's policies.

Watch the video below, and, learn the story behind the Nexus Chrome extension, too. 

Tags: devsecops, chrome, extension, Post developers/devops, DevSecOps Delivered

Written by Amir Shahmiri

Amir Shahmiri is a Sales Engineer at Sonatype, based in London