The Results Are In: Sonatype 2012 Open Source Development Survey

March 13, 2012 By Charles Gold

I’m pleased to share the results of this year’s Sonatype Open Source Software Development Survey.  We were blown away by the level of participation — more than 2,550 of you took the survey.

Thank you to all of you who contributed your thoughts about your tooling, the components you use, and your organizations’ open source policies (and how you feel about them).    There results are extremely interesting.

Take a look for yourself  (best viewed in  ‘full screen’ mode), let us know what you think, and share with your friends and colleagues.

For those of you who would prefer our survey results as a PDF, here they are: Sonatype Survey Findings

  • Robert Zimmens

    Great charts. Any reason you did it in Prezi? It looks like bunch of PowerPoint slides to me. Without zooming there is no much sense using “Zooming Presentation Tool”.

    • will

       Well … if they put it in ‘normal’ PDF, then you can just enlarge … (silly me to think that)

  • James

    Prezi makes me motion sick.  How about also providing as a set of landscape oriented pages in a PDF?

  • P Schaefer

    Prezi tool hardly works. Why at all do you use such knick-knack?

  • Alan

    I agree with James.  Prezi makes me dizzy.  Could we have the survey results in printable form?

  • charles gold

    Sorry about the Prezi dizziness.  We just posted a PDF of the findings above.

    • James


  • Ksivaraman1

    hey…can you provide me the survey questions that you have asked? send it to thx in advance…