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Last Chance to Enroll: MVN-101 Training in Europe

We are offering one last virtual Maven Mechanics (MVN-101) training course for European business hours in June. This will be our last virtual class in CEST for the summer. Be sure to enroll today!

Course details:
  • Course: Maven Mechanics (MVN-101)
  • Date: Tuesday June 14, 2011
  • Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM CEST (UTC/GMT + 0200) *European Hours
  • Enrollment Fee: $595 USD (~425 EUR)


Maven Mechanics (MVN-101) is the ideal course for programmers who work with Apache Maven projects and need to understand how to work with an existing Maven build. If your team is just delving into Maven and Nexus, this class is the easiest way to make sure that everyone starts from the same foundation. This class is also appropriate for the existing Maven user who is interested in developing a greater understanding of the Maven fundamentals. Learn more here.

You will leave this Maven tutorial equipped with a full understanding of the Maven Project Object Model (POM) and a firm grasp of the underlying fundamentals of this development kit including:

  • The Maven lifecycle
  • Maven plugins and goals
  • Multi-module Maven projects
  • The contents of the Project Object Model (POM)

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