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Jeffrey Wayman

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Help and Educational Content for Nexus Repository Manager

By Jeffrey Wayman on December 18, 2017 Nexus 3
We are interested in learning about the type of educational content you’re looking for from Sonatype.

LEGO, Death Stars, and Millennium Falcons, Oh My

By Jeffrey Wayman on January 18, 2017 legos
Why do you need Nexus Firewall? Because 1 in 15 open source components you download include known security vulnerabilities.

Nexus Lifecycle and IntelliJ IDEA

By Jeffrey Wayman on May 04, 2016 Nexus Lifecycle
When it comes to Integrated Development Environments, IDEA has become a defacto standard that's why Nexus IQ for IntelliJ IDEA is now available for all users of Nexus Lifecycle.

Sonatype Releases Nexus Repository 3.0

By Jeffrey Wayman on April 13, 2016 Nuget
Sonatype’s Nexus Repository now offers the first, completely free, repository manager supporting the world’s most popular component formats.

Nexus 3: New Milestone Release

By Jeffrey Wayman on February 12, 2015 artifact repository
Nexus 3: New Milestone Release

Lessons of Youth: A License to Use

I can still recall (it actually pains me to count the years, so I refuse to) with perfect clarity the sound of my 1200 baud modem handshaking with my neighborhood’s local BBS. It’s a sound that so


Hacking Minecraft - A Metaphor for Bleeding Hearts

By Jeffrey Wayman on May 09, 2014 minecraft

Over a month has passed since HeartBleed was announced to the public, and while saturation into the mainstream media likely peaked shortly after that, it can often be interesting to revisit technical