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Michael Griffin

Michael serves as Sonatype's Vice President, Information Security and brings over 22 years experience building and leading Information Security programs for organizations. Michael is active in professional organizations, such as ISACA and ISSA where he enjoys helping organizations improve their programs and mentoring others.

Cybersecurity and beyond: Why secure procurement is a must for your organization

By Michael Griffin on December 05, 2022 thought leaders

5 minute read time

Michael Griffin discusses how cybersecurity and mature procurement go hand-in-hand, and how Sonatype helps make sure that this process is secure.

Setting boundaries: How procurement relates to security (Part 1)

By Michael Griffin on August 24, 2022 News and Views

4 minute read time

Whether your organization calls it purchasing, requisition, bidding, or business operations, not managing what comes into your company can be expensive.

Sonatype now ISO 27001 certified

By Michael Griffin on September 08, 2021

1 minute read time

Sonatype leverages an internationally recognized credential to help protecting customer and supplier data and show our commitment to supply chain security.

Does the SolarWinds' Orion security advisory impact Sonatype's product?

By Michael Griffin on December 23, 2020 News and Views

1 minute read time

Sonatype is continuing to monitor the SolarWinds situation and our investigation is ongoing, but we can confirm that we do not use the SolarWinds Orion.