Sonatype Unveils Full-Spectrum Software Supply Chain Management | Press Release

A Non-Programmer Introduction to the Software Supply Chain (Electron)

By Luke Mcbride on October 14, 2021 Software Supply Chain
Connecting the larger use by the software industry of component programs to something most people have on their machine right now: The Electron Framework.

The People Behind Sonatype: Sue Jasmin

By Sue Jasmin on September 16, 2021 News and Views
The Director of Agile Coaching at Sonatype, Sue narrated her journey through various industries, and what brought her to Sonatype.

Forrester Recognizes Sonatype as a Leader in Software Composition Analysis

By Brent Kostak on September 10, 2021 Forrester
Sonatype recognized as a leader in 2021 Forrester Wave on SCA with the strongest market presence and top policy management criterion.

Beyond Coding: Changing Developer Roles

By Karin Althaus on August 27, 2021 DevOps Culture
Developers are increasingly taking center-stage, assuming more responsibilities and tasks. But what does this mean for developers themselves?

Cloud Security Concerns in 2021

By Kevin Miller on August 05, 2021 cloud
Cloud environments are growing in complexity, and challenging those responsible for keeping environments secure. We partnered with Fugue to uncover how cloud security professionals are handling the

Breaking Organizational Silos for Better Application Security

By Phil Vuollet on July 08, 2021 AppSec
Security depends on collaboration and communication. Our recent Elevate talk breaks down pillars, structure, and suggestions for organizational silos.

Kaseya Ransomware: a Software Supply Chain Attack or Not?

By Matt Howard on July 06, 2021 vulnerabilities
As companies scramble to address and resolve this devastating attack, we look at what makes a supply chain and what it takes to address upstream attacks.

What Does NIST’s Definition of Critical Software Mean to You?

By Matt Howard on June 28, 2021 government
NIST's definition of Critical Software in relation to the 2021 Cybersecurity Executive Order may seem broad, but its immediate implementation is limited.

Sonatype Launches Customer-Focused Program, Sonatype Innovate

By Maura Harwood on June 17, 2021 News and Views
Say hello to Sonatype Innovate—a program designed for innovators within the Sonatype community to collaborate, grow and learn from each other.