Savanna Hajdasz

Coming from a background in management consulting with experience in new product adoption, go-to-market strategy, and M&A, Savanna is a Senior Manager on Sonatype's Strategy & Operations team. In addition to supporting overall strategy development and running special projects, her recent focus has been growing Sonatype's culture and employee experience through the Core Values and related programs.

Celebrating Sonatypers

By Savanna Hajdasz on September 20, 2022 Sonatype culture/awards

3 minute read time

The Values Champion initiative is a peer-nominated, peer-selected program that celebrates employees who holistically live up to Sonatype’s Core Values.

Living Six Months of Core Values

By Savanna Hajdasz on September 08, 2022 Sonatype culture/awards

5 minute read time

Sonatype launched our core values at the beginning of 2022 and have spent the first half focusing on living them every day.