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Heartbleed: The Open Source Vulnerability that Keeps on Giving (and Taking)

By Matt Howard on June 12, 2017 Everything Open Source
Heartbleed is taking £100,000 from the council more than three years after the fact.

The 2014 Survey: Marked by an Industry Shock Wave

Wow! What an amazing turnout we had for our 4th annual survey: 3,353 participants this year brings us to over 11,000 participants in the four years we’ve run this survey. I would like to extend a BIG


Are OpenId and OAuth ‘Bleeding’?

By Ryan Berg on May 07, 2014 openid

Now that Heartbleed has become the new measuring stick for vulnerability disclosures, I have had several people ask me, “Is this OpenId/Oauth thing the next Heartbleed?” The long answer, as Run DMC