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JBoss Moves to Central

By Terry Bernstein on September 07, 2011 Nexus Repo Reel

Sonatype is excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Red Hat to add the popular JBoss Community project components to the Central Repository.


JBoss Switches to Nexus Professional

By Brian Fox on April 20, 2010 repository manager

Over the weekend, the JBoss repository team put the final pieces in place to complete the switch to Nexus Pro. We've been working with them since early this


Maven Archetypes and Nexus: "There is No Faster Way"

By Tim OBrien on January 27, 2010 Nexus Repo Reel

"Get Running on CDI & JSF2 in a Jiffy Using Maven Archetypes" - is a good illustration of how Maven and Nexus help make it easier for open source projects