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Sonatype Reduces Licensing Risks for .Net Developers with Integration to NuGet and Visual Studio

By Karen Gardner on September 09, 2013 Sonatype Says

I continue to be in awe of this stat: the composition of today’s applications is often as high as 90% open source components and only 10% custom source code. A


Start Proxying .NET Packages NuGet Gallery with Nexus Professional

By Tim OBrien on April 17, 2012 Nexus Repo Reel

We announced that Nexus Professional added support for .NET and NuGet repositories, but I wanted to reiterate that message by supplying some very detailed


Nexus 2.0 supports .NET: "Building a more Secure and Effective Development Environment"

By Tim OBrien on February 21, 2012 Nexus Repo Reel

While we released Nexus Professional 2.0 last week, today we're officially announcing our support for .NET. Here's a key excerpt from today's press release:


What is NuGet? (for Java Developers)

By Tim OBrien on February 17, 2012 Nexus Repo Reel

Nexus Professional 2.0 supports NuGet repositories, and while you'll hear much more about that next week I think it's important to introduce what NuGet is