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Sonatype's coming to a city near you

By Heather Loney on June 21, 2010 JavaOne

Thanks again to all of the attendees and participants at the Sonatype and Eclipse Maven Meetup and DemoCamp last week. It was a great event, and the


Discuss the Future of Maven in Philadelphia

By Heather Loney on April 01, 2010 Nexus Repo Reel

April 7, 2010 Sonatype is hosting a Maven Meetup in downtown Philadelphia ahead of Emerging Technology for the Enterprise. Take part in presentations given


Apache Maven Meetup Next Week!

By Heather Loney on March 29, 2010 Sonatype Says

It's not too late to register for the Sonatype Maven Meetup taking place on April 7, 2010 ahead of Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise in


Maven Tips and Tricks: Creating an OSGi Project with Maven

By Tim OBrien on September 22, 2009 Nexus Repo Reel

This post is a quick start guide to using the Maven PAX plugin to create OSGi project and start an OSGi runtime environment (Apache Felix). First, use the


Introduction to OSGi with Pax, Maven, and Nexus Professional

By Tim OBrien on July 20, 2009 Nexus Repo Reel

We've released a pre-alpha version of the Maven Cookbook which contains a chapter on OSGi development with Maven via the Pax plugin from OPS4J. This chapter


Nexus Pro: Support for OSGi Bundle Repositories (OBRs)

By Stuart McCulloch on July 14, 2009 nexus pro

Over the last month or so I have been working on adding OSGi Bundle Repository (OBR) support to Nexus Professional, and I am happy to announce this feature


Maven: Integration and Distributed, Open Innovation

By Tim OBrien on May 08, 2009 Nexus Repo Reel

Brian Murphy wrote a long blog post about the PAX Plugin which provides a good example of the power of Maven to act as an integration "bridge" between a number


The Future of Maven & OSGi: Join the Tycho Users Mailing List!

By Jason van Zyl on March 09, 2009 Nexus Repo Reel

From the very beginning we positioned [Tycho][1] as the tool for doing Eclipse/OSGi development with Maven. Even though Tycho originally focused on build


Interview with Rich Seddon on m2eclipse Testing

By Tim OBrien on February 24, 2009 Nexus Repo Reel

In a previous post entitled m2e Roadmap, Jason discussed Sonatype's commitment to quality and testing for m2eclipse. As a follow-up, I did a quick interview