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Make sure your company is prepared for evolving software liability regulations

By Brian Fox on February 09, 2023 thought leaders

13 minute read time

Organizations should understand changes to liability and government regulation, and have the proper tools in place to protect their software supply chains.

When Cyber Attack Meets Heart Attack

By Derek Weeks on April 21, 2018 devsecops

3 minute read time

The US For and Drug administration is urging patients with heart implants from Abbot Laboratories to visit a healthcare centre and install a firmware update.

Software Liability Gets Real (Global)

By Derek Weeks on February 23, 2018 open source governance

5 minute read time

Software liability turns up the volume in France, Germany, the UK, the USA, and the EU in 2018.

The Curious Case of a German Smartphone: Why Software Supply Hygiene Matters

2 minute read time

We live our lives with license agreements that make software vendors immune to liability -- but are things about to change?