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(Often,) You People are Too Smart to Train

By Tim OBrien on August 15, 2012 Sonatype Says

I don't often teach our training classes in Maven or Nexus, but when I do, I always tend to get interesting classes. I'm halfway through a on site training


JAXenter interview with Matthew McCullough

By Heather Loney on June 17, 2010 JAXenter

Matthew McCullough, a member of the Sonatype training team and lead presenter with Ambient Ideas, was recently at JAX 2010 in Mainz.


Maven Enforcer Plugin Tutorial: Part 2

By Heather Loney on May 25, 2010 Sonatype Says

We have added new videos and tutorials to Sonatype's YouTube channel. Matthew McCullough's training videos on the Enforcer Plugin part 2 walks you through


Amazon's AWS Powers Sonatype's On-demand Training Infrastructure

By Matthew McCullough on April 09, 2010 Nexus Repo Reel

Sonatype uses the Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud, better known as EC2, for all our training lab machines. Most of our students use a training


Chariot Solutions becomes Sonatype Certified Training Partner

By Heather Loney on April 07, 2010 Sonatype Says

Chariot Solutions, a leading technology consulting firm specializing in software development with Java and open source, is now a Sonatype Certified


Maven Training December Round-up

By Tim OBrien on December 28, 2009 Nexus Repo Reel

We've got two more training classes coming up in January. These classes have been filling up, so make sure that you register early if you are interested. In


Maven training at Øredev

By Anders Hammar on October 22, 2009 Nexus Repo Reel

Jason and I are doing a Maven tutorial at Øredev, a developer conference in Malmo, Sweden. The session is on Tuesday Nov 3 and will be based on Sonatype's


Understanding Maven: Sonatype's Training Classes

By Tim OBrien on October 15, 2009 Nexus Repo Reel

After teaching a number of Sonatype's Maven training courses, I've come away with an appreciation for how much knowledge attendees bring to the table and


Online Maven and Nexus Training Now Available from Sonatype

By Jason van Zyl on July 20, 2009 Nexus Repo Reel

Sonatype – the Maven Company – is the best source for learning about efficient infrastructure for your software development teams. Starting this week, it is