Please try Maven 3.0 RC1!

September 16, 2010 By Jason van Zyl

We are very close to Maven 3.0! In preparation for the release we are entering the RC phase [Sonatype][1] is seeking the Maven user community’s help to discover regressions since Maven 2.x so that we can make the necessary provisions to correct any problems and push Maven 3.0 final out on schedule.

We know as the RCs are released more people will be trying Maven 3.x and feedback is critical. We obviously cannot fix your problem if you do not report the problem. Sonatype has two full-time people working on fielding the found issues so this is your chance to make sure Maven 3.0 final works for your projects. Sonatype has made a great deal of effort putting in place unit tests, integration tests, and performance tests for the core and the core plugins, so we’re ready for the feedback and will correct anything we find quickly.

Anyone interested in taking a preview of the upcoming release for a test drive can get source and binary bundles from this URL:


Note that this is a staged release and we will keep re-staging while we find serious regressions, but we want to get users into this cycle of testing the RCs as soon as possible. Once we get past anything nasty we will release the final RC1.

Before reporting any issues found during testing, please be sure to have a close look at the compatibility notes for Maven 3.x:


If you encounter unexpected build issues, please fill a report in JIRA that provides sufficient information to reproduce and analyze the issue:


The fixes contained in this release candidate since the 3.0-beta-3 release can also be seen in JIRA:


It’s still possible to make our intended Maven 3.0 final release on October 1st, but we need your help!



  • cemerick

    What is the relationship between the release plan(s) / schedule for Maven 3.0 proper, and the various flavours of Polyglot Maven that depend upon it? Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere or otherwise well-known.

    • Jason van Zyl

      The Maven Shell will be done first so that we can get that out with Maven 3.0. After that Polyglot Maven will be one of my primary points of focus. It should not take long to update Polyglot Maven to be in sync with Maven 3.x trunk, but we need to get Maven 3.0 and the Maven Shell out first.

      I may actually integrate some of the Polyglot dialects into the Maven Shell. Once we’re past the 3.0 final release, Sonatype will dedicate some time to Polyglot Maven. I’m actually reconstructing the Buildr DSL as an experiment to see if I can make that work with Polyglot Maven. Kristrian Meier is doing some work on getting the Nexus Rubygems integration working and doing a little DSL work as well. It will get there :-)

  • Bakersemail

    Can we get an env var used for maven 3? Such as M3_HOME, rather than having to change M2_HOME (which doesnt make much sense once maven 3 is released)

  • Gerard Collin

    I just compiled my current project which involves:
    – andromda plugin to generate code
    – Ant scripts
    – Jax-ws webservice code generation
    – Unit test run multiple times to create database structure and data, then regression testing.
    – Run under netbeans 6.9.1
    – Install it and run it for Tomcat using Netbean’s Maven functionality

    Everything worked like a charm !
    Maven 3 even gives me warning about duplicate dependency definition in my modules.


  • Jon

    Congratulations – look forward to trying it out. You should update to get maximum coverage, though.

  • Jesse Glick

    “we will release the final RC1” may be misleading. Benjamin confirms on the dev list that any subsequent build will be called “RC2” as you would expect.

  • Anonymous

    Link to RC1 binaries is broken