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Sonatype's June Newsletter

Catch up on everything we've been up to in the past few weeks in the Sonatype newsletter. In this edition we highlight the release of Apache Maven 3.0 beta-1. A major goal of Maven 3.0 is to be compatible, to the extent possible, with existing plugins and projects designed for Maven 2.x. You can read more about Maven 3.0 at

The June newsletter also previews some upcoming webinars taking place on June 10 and June 24. These free webinars cover the Developer Onboarding feature of Maven Studio for Eclipse. Among other features, Maven Studio for Eclipse will get new developers up and running on a project within minutes. Stop wasting time and money by spending days training developers on new projects.

Sonatype has added some exciting new events to our schedule, including the Maven Meetup and DemoCamp happening June 16 in Guelph, Ontario. For all of this info and more, check out the latest edition of the Sonatype newsletter.

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