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How Many Hosted Repositories Can Nexus OSS Support
by Brian Fox on January 09, 2018

Tags: nexus oss

From one of our Nexus OSS users:

How many hosted repositories can Nexus OSS support?

Response from Brian Fox, CTO

There's no hard limit although you may experience performance slowdowns when you get into the thousands. We designed the security model so that you should not have to create new hosted repositories for each project. Doing so is definitely an antipattern. As long as you're not making per project sets of hosted repositories, you are unlikely to get anywhere near the number of repos to that might cause an issue.

About Brian Fox

Co-founder and CTO, Brian Fox is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and former Chair of the Apache Maven project. As a direct contributor to the Maven ecosystem, including the maven-dependency-plugin and maven-enforcer-plugin, he has over 20 years of experience driving the vision behind, as well as developing and leading the development of software for organizations ranging from startups to large enterprises. Brian is a frequent speaker at national and regional development and DevOps related conferences.

You can find more blogs from Brian here and connect with him on Twitter at @Brian_Fox.

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