Nexus Repo Containers with Persistent Storage in Azure Container Instances

January 05, 2018 By Daniel Scott-Raynsford

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On the back of yesterdays post on running Azure Container Instance containers with persistent storage, I thought I’d try a couple of other containers with my script.

Note: I don’t actually plan on running any of these apps, I just wanted to test out the process and my scripts to identify any problems.

I tried:

And here are the results of my tests:

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Sonatype Nexus 2

Works perfectly and the container starts up quickly (under 10 seconds):


I passed the following parameters to the script:

Note: The Nexus 2 server is only accessible on the path /nexus/.

Sonatype Nexus 3

Works perfectly but after takes at least a minute to be accessible after the container starts. But this is normal behavior for Nexus 3.




I passed the following parameters to the script:


Unfortunately Jenkins does not work with a persistent storage volume from an Azure Share. It seems to be trying to set the timestamp of the file that will contain the InitialAdminPassword, which is failing:




I passed the following parameters to the script:

So, this is still a little bit hit and miss, but in general Azure Container Instances look like a very promising way to run different types of services in containers without a lot of overhead. With a bit of automation, this could turn out to be a cost effective way to quickly and easily run some common services.

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