Sonatype Selected by Equifax to Support OS Governance Press Release


Nexus Repo Containers with Persistent Storage in Azure Container Instances

By Daniel Scott-Raynsford on January 05, 2018 containers

On the back of yesterdays post on running Azure Container Instance containers with persistent storage, I thought I’d try a couple of other containers with


Continuous Integration In The Age Of Containers - Part 1

By Curtis Yanko on December 28, 2017 Docker

When I was running a DevOps team back in 2012 BC (before containers) we had learned some powerful lessons. One of those lessons, as we got some automation


They Sent 300 Employees to a DevOps Conference

By Derek Weeks on May 04, 2017 Devops

Last year, I was able to attend 18 DevOps conferences. I saw some awesome presentations, met incredible people, and expanded my knowledge of the latest


Container Considerations on Your DevOps Journey

By Derek Weeks on May 02, 2017 Devops

Containers are things for your things. That is true in the development world too - containers are things for your software, and, like containers for your


Sonatype Nexus 3 launches into Mesosphere DC/OS

By Justin Young on April 18, 2017 Mesosphere

Today we are excited to announce the availability of the incredibly popular repository manager and private container registries, Nexus Repository, on


All Day DevOps: Practitioner-to-Practitioner

By Derek Weeks on October 30, 2016 Devops

Over the past year, I have traveled to and delivered presentations at 18 DevOps events. I’ve also heard that over the past several years, John Willis has


Improving Container Security: Docker and More

By Derek Weeks on November 12, 2015 Nexus vs. Artifactory

This blog was contributed by Chenxi Wang, Chief Strategy Officer at Twistlock.

Earlier this week, Sonatype announced a strategic partnership with


Q&A: Running Docker in Production

By Derek Weeks on November 11, 2015 Google Container Registry

On October 29, Sonatype hosted a discussion about the upcoming release of Nexus 3. This release will provide support for Docker images as a private Docker


Please Containerize Your Excitement: Nexus 3 Milestone 5 Release

By Derek Weeks on September 22, 2015 repository

We, on the Nexus team, are pleased to announce the arrival of the Nexus 3 Milestone 5 release!