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Nexus Platform - 2019 Year in Review

By Michelle Dufty on December 30, 2019 Sonatype Nexus

3 minute read time

We look back at features introduced in 2019 across Nexus Repository Manager and Nexus IQ Server (Lifecycle, Lifecycle Foundation, Firewall, and Auditor).

Nexus Repo Containers with Persistent Storage in Azure Container Instances

By Daniel Scott-Raynsford on January 05, 2018 Nexus

2 minute read time

With a bit of automation, this could turn out to be a cost effective way to quickly and easily run some common services.

Walmart Integrates Nexus, OneOps, Jenkins, Kubernetes into Distribution Center Management System

By Janie Gelfond on June 16, 2017 Nexus

28 second read time

Walmart Integrates Sonatype Nexus, OneOps, CloudBees Jenkins, Kubernetes into Distribution Center Management System.

The Nexus Exchange: 30 new integrations from the community

By Mark Miller on April 17, 2017 Nexus

1 minute read time

Discover what the Nexus community has built. Community contributions updated daily.

Sonatype on Federal News Radio

By Matt Howard on March 16, 2017 Nexus

15 second read time

Listen to Matt Howard, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Sonatype, on Federal News Radio as he discusses the demand for quality open.

Paul Volkman: Why is Sonatype the best solution?

By Matt Howard on February 10, 2017 Nexus

16 second read time

When Paul Volkman was asked "Why is Sonatype the best solution?," he didn't hesitate.

How to Video Training: Open Source Component Management and Intelligence

By Manfred Moser on July 18, 2016 Nexus

2 minute read time

As a long-time trainer for Apache Maven and Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager, I’ve spent considerable time recording and editing numerous short tutorial.

Banking on Built-in Security Checks

By Derek Weeks on April 28, 2016 Red Hat

2 minute read time

Financial services companies are beginning to shield themselves from breaches by activating automatic security checks in their applications as they build them

Continuous Delivery: The Atlassian Way

By Derek Weeks on March 11, 2016 JIRA

5 minute read time

At the recent DEVNEXUS conference in Atlanta, Sonatype’s Mark Miller caught up with Ian Buchanan for our 2016 DevOps Leadership Series.