Wicked Good Development Episode 15: Russ Eling Talks Founding OSS Consultants and Open Source Compliance

By Kadi Grigg on September 22, 2022 Community

22 minute read time

Russ Eling, Founder & CEO of OSS Consultants, joins Kadi Grigg and A.J. Brown to discuss how his tenure at General Motors led to founding OSS Consultants.

Wicked Good Development Episode 14: The Secret Life of Maven Central

By Kadi Grigg on August 26, 2022 Community

27 minute read time

Joel Orlina, an Engineering Manager at Sonatype, joins Kadi to share his insights on the previously unknown history of Maven Central.

Wicked Good Development Episode 13: Hacks and Ax, July Edition

By Kadi Grigg on August 03, 2022 npm

13 minute read time

Ax Sharma, a security researcher at Sonatype and tech journalist, joins Kadi and Omar for his monthly update on protestware and ransomware.

Wicked Good Development Episode 12: Devoxx Poland Developer Conference Recap

By Kadi Grigg on July 15, 2022 Community

24 minute read time

Kadi and Steve talk with Devoxx Poland Developer Conference speakers about their key takeaways and experiences at the Krakow event.

Wicked Good Development Episode 11: Vulnerability Drills - The Intention, Habit, and Impact

By Kadi Grigg on July 01, 2022 Software Supply Chain

27 minute read time

To prepare for the unexpected, check your code and run vulnerability drills to create muscle memory for engineering teams and build better software.

Wicked Good Development Episode 10: The Evolution of Supply Chain Attacks

By Kadi Grigg on June 14, 2022 Software Supply Chain

22 minute read time

This episode looks at how fraud detection and supply chain attacks are similar, the data science behind these systems, and developer behavior.

Wicked Good Development Episode 7: Dev Nexus Reflections and Conversations Part 1

By Kadi Grigg on May 31, 2022 Community

19 minute read time

At our roundtable discussion on Devnexus 2022, we get a chance to interview two more developers who contribute to the open source community.

Why Companies Should Contribute to Open Source – And How to Do It

By Matt Freeland on February 03, 2022 Community

7 minute read time

Your company relies on open source projects; giving back to them can reduce tech debt, accelerate innovation, and reduce your developers’ cognitive load. 

DevSecOps Leadership Forum: 500 Innovators Learning From Shared Experiences

By Matt Howard on May 14, 2020 Community

5 minute read time

This is a recap of experiences and insights shared at the 2020 DevSecOps Leadership Forum. On demand recordings of the event are now available for free.