Sonatype Introduces Next Generation Dependency Management | Press Release

We Won! Sonatype Scoops Up Award for Best Open Source DevOps Tool

By Derek Weeks on March 22, 2018 devops tools
Sonatype Nexus Named Best Open Source DevOps Tool

The Road to Software Success at Fannie Mae is Paved with DevOps Native Tools

By Matt Howard on August 26, 2017 DevOps tool chain
Fannie Mae is a great example of how large enterprises can become better innovators by transforming from waterfall-native to DevOps-native software development.

How are Federal Agencies Implementing DevOps & System Modernization

By Derek Weeks on November 29, 2016 security
Learn how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is leading the DevOps charge with a recent project to modernize mission-critical systems at USCIS.

Continuous Delivery and Nexus

By Derek Weeks on March 19, 2015 artifact repository

There are numerous examples of reference architectures available, and each of them vary in levels of detail, tools highlighted, and processes followed. Yet, there is a constant theme among the tool