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Retrieving a plugin's documentation

By Anders Hammar on December 13, 2010 documentation

One of the key things driving the adoption of Maven, is the rich set of plugins available. Whenever you want to add some functionality to the build process,


Documenting the Nexus REST API with Enunciate

By Tamas Cservenak on February 08, 2010 nexus pro

Nexus OSS Core has more than 120 REST Resources published. And that number is just increasing with new Nexus Plugins. Not to mention Nexus Pro that comes


Why Putting Repositories in your POMs is a Bad Idea

By Brian Fox on February 25, 2009 repository

I get this question frequently so it is time to write down my thoughts on the answer so I can stop repeating myself. Here's the question:

Should I put the urls


Galoppini Covers Sonatype's Open Documentation

By Tim OBrien on February 23, 2009 documentation

Roberto Galoppini just published a brief interview with Mark de Visser this morning which covers Sonatype's open documentation efforts. As someone who has been


We're Taking Requests

By Tim OBrien on February 02, 2009 documentation

Are you having problems with a particularly crazy Maven build? Is there a part of Maven that you just don't have a handle on, even after reading and rereading


Second Printing of Maven: The Definitive Guide

By Tim OBrien on January 14, 2009 documentation

Good news, O'Reilly has just completed the Second Printing of Maven: The Definitive Guide. Aside from some typos and some small updates to the test, there